Writing as a Healthy Escape

Escaping is often perceived as avoidance.

But I think it depends on the escape method, if it is harmful or not, the length of use, and if you only use it as a means to avoid something deeper within without ever addressing it.

Healthy Escape Methods I Engage In:

  • Writing. Writing. Writing.
    • You can escape into other lives. Other worlds. Into your imagination.
  • Travel.
    • If you travel smartly, you take home an entire world to expand your own.
  • Reading.
    • You can live the circumstances you may never otherwise have.
  • Playing.
    • Video games, creating art, coloring, playing with kids all liberate the adult brain and allow it to recharge.

Healthy Escape Methods My Main Characters Use:

  • Supportive conversations with loved ones.
  • Proper use of Balloon Day therapy.
  • Playing piano.
  • Spending time with family or friends.

Unhealthy Escape Methods My Main Characters Use:

  • Avoidance of reality–denial, self-blame and self-criticism.
  • Suppressing emotions with alcohol.
  • Avoiding grief/emotions by escaping daily life responsibilities (improper use of Balloon Days).

So, if you also find yourself happily losing track of time while writing. . .

That is your healthy escape. Just remember to journey back to your life stuff too 🙂

2 thoughts on “Writing as a Healthy Escape

  1. Writing is an outlet for me, but my healthy escape is definitely playing guitar and singing. I use an app that has the chords to basically every song ever, and I’ll try a song even if I don’t quite know the melody. If you’re a deep thinker like me, finding an escape like this is a must from time to time. Thanks for sharing.

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    1. Absolutely a must, I agree. Those are both fantastic forms of escape. It’s even more rewarding when a skill is being built/mastered, and there is a beautiful manually crafted product. Thank you for reading and sharing!


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