Release Subconscious Writer’s Block

Conscious writer’s block can indicate executive functioning issues and/or lack of interest, anxiety, burn-out, or depression. Subconscious block would look like perfectionism and limiting beliefs robbing you from just going for it. It’s important to release the words and the story within you without judging it or constantly scrutinizing every word choice or sentence structure along the way. This can be done during the editing and revision process.

A therapist can help with relearning self-beliefs, as well as you doing your own deep exploration. With this, we can unlock the doors of our mind and sort through old traumas, trapped teachings; we can heal neglected scars and ignored bruises. When we face what false beliefs linger, instead of ignoring them–we then begin to ignore fears, discomfort, and barriers to our self-growth.

With self-exploration, we become naked and bare. We can live and write with passion, releasing what holds us back, releasing what drives us to immediately correct ourselves, over-analyzing each and every choice.

Write whatever you want for your first draft. Remove the restraints of your ego, and free yourself from the noise of your culture, society, past circumstances, or from the discouraging people in your life.

We are all writers wishing to write more–wishing to avoid writer’s block that shows up from time to time when old thoughts sneak in.

Let your words and emotions fly with freedom. Your voice deserves to be heard.

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