Some Stuff About Me

Kristi Rose

“You become a writer by writing. There is no other way.”

Margaret Atwood

I write. When I am not writing, I am reading, playing, traveling, taking care of daily responsibilities, and helping others navigate their lives.

I’m a full-time mental health therapist. Part-time and unpaid for everything else. I’m passionate about writing and reading and often get existential about the fact I cannot read everything I want to by the time I die. Anyone relate? I also consider myself to be an effective dog mother, and my partner agrees. You can often find my Rat Terrier mix, Sophia, at my side. She has been said to look like the female, pointed-ear version of Milo from The Mask.

My career has certainly enhanced my ability to develop characters, although I know there is still a lot of learning to go as a novice fiction writer. With that said, the fusion of the two will be noticed throughout my fiction writing. I strive to create multi-layered characters that drive my stories; I try to paint emotionally-steered scenes increasing in intensity as the plot pans out.

My blog will reveal the nuances of my experience as a novice fiction writer; tips and wisdom I’ve learned along the way; my zest for reading and writing; and excerpts of my work. Any and all feedback is welcome.

Thank you for learning a bit about me !

Doune Castle, Stirling, Scotland; Fall 2019

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