Balloon Days: Release Date 2/8/23!

Let Your Perception Be Your Guide… At the Manhattan-based Center of Balloon Days, you will find a psychotherapy unlike any that came before it. Imagine unlocking your desires and your fears and manipulating them in an unparalleled lucid-dream-like state. Bookish Elliott Bailey, a young psychologist at the Center, struggles to prove the perfect life exists, allContinue reading “Balloon Days: Release Date 2/8/23!”

Once a Day by Kristi Rose

“This will help you dance,” Mother said as she bound Rosalette’s knees and ankles with sparkling pink silk wraps. The long silks from her knees attached to the table underneath her, the same table she’d lay on when Dr. Richter had visited the home to check on her health. Although it had been sometime sinceContinue reading “Once a Day by Kristi Rose”

Favorite lines from my novel Balloon Days

When Howard looked up, Elliott held a look of care and sorrow, each green eye a forest floor of emotions. And in that moment, he could see she knew heartbreak too. Happiness was letting yourself be fully thrown into life with the ones you love, in not only the special moments but the ordinary onesContinue reading “Favorite lines from my novel Balloon Days”

Short Story: The Writer’s Block

Honorable Mention in Writer’s Digest Annual Competition for 2020 A deep sigh escapes my lungs, enough to fog a window, and I’m surprised it isn’t a fire-red haze tinted by fury. My tawny cat meows and rubs against my leg. My fist knocks at my forehead. As usual, nothing is flowing out of me, nothingnothingnothing.Continue reading “Short Story: The Writer’s Block”

Release Subconscious Writer’s Block

Conscious writer’s block can indicate executive functioning issues and/or lack of interest, anxiety, burn-out, or depression. Subconscious block would look like perfectionism and limiting beliefs robbing you from just going for it. It’s important to release the words and the story within you without judging it or constantly scrutinizing every word choice or sentence structureContinue reading “Release Subconscious Writer’s Block”

Tips on Writing Characters with Depression

First: What is depression? Think of depression as a brain and body hibernation, tainted by shame. When your character feels stuck, and/or has a biological predisposition of depression in their genes, a state of depression can set in. Unless you are writing about certain historical periods, modern day humans are hardly given permission to pauseContinue reading “Tips on Writing Characters with Depression”

Crafting Anxious Characters

Before I go on to ramble, let me point out that mental health and mental illness are vastly different. It is akin to physical health; a diagnosis may or may not exist even if your character neglects her health. Health is the umbrella word under which mental, emotional, physical, spiritual, financial, and cognitive health fallContinue reading “Crafting Anxious Characters”

Benefits & Risks of Writing Mentally Ill Characters

In light of Mental Health Awareness Month, I thought it would be fitting to discuss weaving in mental illness throughout creative fiction writing, whether it is a diagnosis of your MC or a side character, at the forefront or not. In a lot of films, novels, and shows, a diagnosis is often portrayed without itContinue reading “Benefits & Risks of Writing Mentally Ill Characters”