“The mind, without senses, without frantic noise or external guidance, will naturally cling to any thought. When all thoughts fail, the brain will create its own senses, its own world, and, therefore, its own reality.”

– Balloon Days, a novel by Kristi Rose

Let Your Perception Be Your Guide. . .

At the Manhattan-based Center of Balloon Days, you will find a psychotherapy unlike any that came before it. Imagine taking the pieces of your subconscious—your dreams, emotions, traumas, thoughts, and memories—and manipulating them in an unparalleled lucid-dream-like state. Let your perception be your guide.

BALLOON DAYS is a genre-blending upmarket fiction novel that follows the interlocking lives of Elliott Bailey, Howard Nor, and Orson Thatch.

Elliott, a young psychologist at the Center, believes she has the right boyfriend, a supreme boss, and a perfectly curated timeline for her life—until everything crumbles one by one, skyrocketing her anxiety—an unplanned pregnancy being the most paining surprise of them all. Balloon Day sessions provide Elliott reprieve, but it’s a fleeting sanctuary.

Meanwhile, Elliott’s patient Howard seeks love, but too often, he chooses to lend his love to the wrong people. Howard’s use of Balloon Days gives him temporary respite from the grips of depression, but they may be allowing him to live in a fantasy rather than focusing on real-life.

Then there’s Elliott’s kind neighbor: the lucrative lawyer, Orson, who’s a newly grieving widower developing an obsession with Balloon Days. Both his career and his relationship with his seven-year-old son are put at risk, as he is driven on a mad quest to be with his wife again.

*Balloon Days is currently seeking representation as part of the process for traditional publication.

My writing draws on my professional experience as a mental health therapist. I help clients process and heal from traumatic events, manage crippling anxiety, and fight the effects of depression. I have the rare honor of witnessing all facets of what it means to be human. I wrote BALLOON DAYS to remind readers that we are deserving and capable of positive change and love. Like my characters, we are not alone in our journeys.

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