“The mind, without senses, without frantic noise or external guidance, will naturally cling to any thought. When all thoughts fail, the brain will create its own senses, its own world, and, therefore, its own reality.”

– Balloon Days, a novel by K.D. Rose

Let Your Perception Be Your Guide. . .

If you could try a new type of therapy, would you? Take the pieces of your subconscious—your dreams, emotions, traumas, thoughts, and memories—and use them to create new experiences, or prepare for reality? At the Manhattan-based Center of Balloon Days, you can try anything you would like, with anyone, anywhere.

Orson Thatch, Elliott Bailey, and Howard Nor each answer yes to this question. BALLOON DAYS is the story of their interlocking journeys, threaded together by the need for love and acceptance.

Orson Thatch, Elliott Bailey’s neighbor, is a newly grieving widower. Orson’s obsession with Balloon Days puts both his career and his relationship with his seven-year-old son Ryder at risk, as he is driven on a mad quest to be with his wife again. He believes he has discovered an equilibrium, but will it truly benefit him or his young son?

Elliott Bailey, a psychologist at the Center, faces an ultimatum from her boyfriend: shape up or be dumped by Halloween, shaking her semblance of a perfect life. As soon as she realizes he isn’t the one, it is too late—she is pregnant. Will she keep trying to please him? Or face reality and let it all go, including the pregnancy, with Balloon Days as her illusive sanctuary?

Howard Nor, a high-school dropout and Elliott’s newest patient, seeks love and purpose in adulthood—but with his older brother’s girlfriend. His Balloon Days give him temporary respite from the grip of depression, but they may be allowing him to live in a fantasy rather than focusing on his real-life relationships. It isn’t until Howard loses everything that he discovers he already belongs.

*Balloon Days is currently seeking representation as part of the process for publication.

My writing draws on my professional experience as a mental health therapist. I help clients process and heal from traumatic events, manage crippling anxiety, and fight the effects of depression. I have the rare honor of witnessing all facets of what it means to be human. I wrote BALLOON DAYS to remind all of you, the readers, that you are deserving and capable of positive change and love, and that, like my characters, you are not alone in your journeys.

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