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“Writing, to me, is simply
thinking through my fingers.”

Isaac Asimov

Poem: Half-Life

This poem is inspired by living with a chronic illness. In the fall of 2018, after multiple invasive tests since early 2017, I was diagnosed with chronic vestibular migraine disorder. This disorder altered my life; it is part of every decision. Half-Life Day by day.The pain remains, fatigue defeats.The only escapeis above my body, inContinue reading “Poem: Half-Life”

Release Subconscious Writer’s Block

Conscious writer’s block can indicate executive functioning issues and/or lack of interest, anxiety, burn-out, or depression. Subconscious block would look like perfectionism and limiting beliefs robbing you from just going for it. It’s important to release the words and the story within you without judging it or constantly scrutinizing every word choice or sentence structureContinue reading “Release Subconscious Writer’s Block”


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