Release Subconscious Writer’s Block

Conscious writer’s block can indicate executive functioning issues and/or lack of interest, anxiety, burn-out, or depression. Subconscious block would look like perfectionism and limiting beliefs robbing you from just going for it. Releasing the words and the story within you without judging it or constantly scrutinizing every word choice or sentence structure along the way.Continue reading “Release Subconscious Writer’s Block”

Flash Fiction: Stretch Your Style

This piece is a flash fiction style I tried out for fun. It is about our inner yearning, our souls need for nourishment, beyond the mundane or superficial stuff that our egos become consumed by. Branching out taught me to never limit yourself to one genre or style of writing. Expand your boundaries or getContinue reading “Flash Fiction: Stretch Your Style”

Lessons of Character Creation

I have learned: Do not base it off someone you know. Instead, a character is best if molded by a myriad of someones, including strangers, such as unique mannerisms, facial expressions, reactions, but if you attempt to use someone you already know, you are a) not taking advantage of your imagination; b) you will becomeContinue reading “Lessons of Character Creation”

Why Do Characters Crack from Change?

UNexpected, UNwanted change – is a universal cause for upset. I think it goes without being said, that creating relatable, full-fledged fictional characters comes from an understanding of real life humans. However, with story writing, all the mundane parts must be stripped to maintain focus. Thus, we want to see what they struggle against, andContinue reading “Why Do Characters Crack from Change?”